Toe in the Trigger / Press

"Man, it was cool you guys played bite it you scum. I've heard a lot of bands try to play that and not be as good as us, but I think you guys nailed it. GG would be proud. Truly an honor."

Dino Sex-The Murder Junkies

“gatorade free flow tour...free barbecue with and all ages show featuring toe in the trigger...”

jacksonville times union

“when jacksonville band toe in the trigger attempted to book a show in gainesville a few months back, a club promoter abruptly gave them the bums rush "no" she replied your obviously a hate band what might give a club owner that impression:my space...one of those guys is cycobob guitarist and founding member of toe dispite his angry visage cycobob is a freindly guy with and endearing twang...”

gwynedd stuart - the folio weekly