Tim Ballard / Press

“GOBSMACKED! I must admit to never having heard of Tim Ballard before today! I can tell you one thing: Tim Ballard is not a name I am likely to forget in a hurry now! What a Voice! An incredible mix of smooth and rugged. A voice that mixes 1970s funk with timeless soul. Think Teddy Pendergrass indeed, but I also think if Tim were here today he could go head to head with Cee Lo Green, especially as he has an unbelievable range which encompasses the high notes so classic of Cee Lo. … The arrangements are so unique as to make them almost stand alone hits without reference to their former glory. [Singing Positive to the People is] a true gem of an album which deserves to do extremely well.”

“Listening to Tim Ballard is not just another record in your playlist or CD collection; it's like a long-awaited friend as a guest for dinner and who will always stay close to your soul.”

“”It puts a smile on my face to know that I am bringing Tim Ballard to our listeners. He tells the story as he sings. It is not just recant ... it is emotion, voice control, and the delivery that draws us in.””

Dr. Michael Matheny - RADIOIO.com's "Vocal Jazz"

"WRT: "Don't Misunderstand" Tim Ballard, WOW! Just a sensational track! We feel ignorant that we weren't aware of your career up until this submission. This is just an excellent track. The vocal track is sensational; the arrangement and the production are both absolutely top notch as well. Literally everyone in the office had a chance to listen to it today and we all raved about it ... [We will] share it with colleagues and impress them, no doubt. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recording with us. It brightened up our day."

Artist and Repertoire Department - Sweet Rosie Music Publishing

“This is one of the finest musical efforts I have heard from any independent artist in over 40 years. Easy Does It does it for me. This production has been recorded and mastered to the highest standards available with today’s technology. Tim’s mellow voice puts me in mind of the great male vocalists of who have given renditions of the great American songbook. Listen for just a minute and you hear the influences of the musical standard bearers that shaped Tim’s own original approach to Jazz and pop standards. The choice of tunes gives the album a unique credibility seldom achieved by today’s artists. Rich orchestrations played in an impeccable manner support Tim’s rich full tone as he glides effortlessly over some of the most demanding charts ever written by our finest composers. Songs such as; Midnight Sun, Don’t Misunderstand, and Angel Eyes bring back memories of a time when vocalists spoke to the heart of life with style and grace. I highly recommend this very attract”

““[Tim’s] music is absolutely “Astonishing” . . . like tears of joy on my soul.” ”

Antonio "Big Wave" Perna, Program Director - Radio Canale 4, Casalbore, Italy

““It's just plain tough for a male vocalist to make it in Dallas on his voice alone...but Tim Ballard has come out on top.” ”

Dale McFarland - Texas Jazz

““Tim is a veritable vocal canon of the classics in popular American music. His sophisticated presentation is sure and stylish, even though his roots are firmly planted in rhythm and blues, rock and roll and jazz...” ”

Lou Rawls - Direct Quote