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Throw The Goat / Press

“The riffs are heavy, the melodies are surprisingly catchy and the solos will literally strip you naked with their sleazy tone. Although the lads in Throw The Goat seem to enjoy a laugh and have no shame in admitting that, they certainly take their music seriously. Many influences are also heard within Black Mountain, there’s some desert rock (think Queens Of The Stone Age and Eagles Of Death Metal), some punk and even some poppy elements.”

"If ever there was a band to smash the idea of "don't judge a book by its cover," Throw The Goat are the guys for the job. The ridiculous band name immediately suggests a far-from-serious piss-take of a project, while track names like 'Beef' and "Havin' A Beer' don't exactly quench such presumptions. However, this debut full-length from the Californian four-piece is a punk steel toecap up the dusty backside of stoner rock, and the results make for something that wouldn't sound out of place in the background of a skate video. They are a musical wrecking ball that will bulldoze their way through your eardrums and into your head. Resistance is futile; prepare to hum for days afterward.

“This band’s sound is pure rock ‘n’ roll with each member bringing his own flair to the table. It has an all heavy, no frills approach to music that is immediately reminiscent of older Metallica and Motorhead. The raspy vocals of lead singer/bass player Michael Schnaizer are not your typical goat call; they bring a true intensity that makes you want to let that dirty hair fly around in true headbangin’ fashion.”

"Throw the Goat play from their soul. Some bands can care less about trends and stardom and just go for it. On their debut release Black Mountain, they perfectly blend hardcore punk, stoner metal and the aggressiveness of Motorhead. They create infectious vocal melodies with simple upbeat pit induced rhythms. They come across 100 percent authentic and capture the crossover era in all its glory. The track “Too Late” is Throw the Goat at their best. The groove during the verses is undeniable and the D.R.I. inspired vocal melody is killer. The chorus has an excellent clean vocal that the Ramones would be proud of. Opener “Southeast Bound” is ripped right out of Lemmy’s playbook and comes slamming out of the gates. The hilarious “Havin’ a Beer” and “Beef” are both punk anthems that capture the sprit of the band perfectly."

“The whole thing is one crazy ride of punk rock, speedy power riffs and good old demented bass and drums and an equally crazy vocalist who likes to debate about the qualities of the beef steak over the chicken one, and in a very cool way too. From start to finish the twelve-piece album is full of energy and keeps you in tension by giving you a glimpse of how “Fast and Furious” might have sounded like if they got a word to say about it. It’s a hell of a ride. What’s best, these guys do not pretend to be anything else than they are. They were set on a full pack of punk heavy action and they delivered it. The lyrics are funny and intelligent and never until now songs about beer and beef steaks sounded so... intellectual.”

"Throw the Goat have proved they are more than just a ‘heavy rock band’ that should be made abundantly clear. What they have got together here literally shines and outlines their talents surpassing the 100% mark. It’s diverse in the fact that vocally the range goes from rock orientated to downright brutal a bit like hitting the accelerator on a posh car! The album does not just glide it storms the gates and at times charges right through it. The energy, diversity and leering presence all contrasts to bring you one feisty contagious and indeed listening experience. The guys know how to do a job and not skimped on anything – it is one superb listen from start to finish – “one cannot simply listen to Throw the Goat but when one does expect to have your ears embellished with sophistication!” Unless, of course, you are listening to ‘Havin’ A Beer’ then you are allowed to go and get pissed!"

“If you want some ragged metal tinged punk n' roll, Throw The Goat serve up plenty on their debut Black Mountain. Coming on like the love child of The Datsuns, Priestess and a less polished Bullets and Octane, the Goat boys slap you round the chops with opener Southeast Bound before piling into Too Late (check out the quirky video – these boys don’t take themselves too seriously) and you can’t help but think this sounds like a band having a right old hoot. This is underlined in no subtle way by the obvious (!) choice of cover - Free Your Mind by En Vogue anyone...?”

"...Throw the Goat brings it with a head banging combination of heavy rock nuance, high energy riffing and subtle punk rock undertones... Raw and unrefined (consider that a compliment), the boys of Throw the Goat seamlessly combine the elements of a number of different genres in their first and aptly named demo, Demo Primero. Give it a listen, give thanks and don’t be afraid to Throw the Goat if you catch these guys on their Southern California circuit. 8/10"

"Black Mountain is a refreshing take on classic metal and punk that hasn’t been around since the glory days of The Dictators or more recently Viking Skull. Throw The Goat have nailed the aesthetic perfectly, with lots of bluesy examples of early heavy metal with plenty of mid-paced crunch. Periodically veering into softer, hard rock oriented territory, the band step down on the accelerator now and then to produce songs that could easily fit on an early Motörhead album. Tight musicianship, punk metal grit and punchy production make Throw The Goat not only relevant but a much needed break from the modern day monotony of the music industry."

“All of these guys have been friends for a long time and Parnell, Schanlzer, and Wilson are the main songwriters who also happen to be room mates. The sound which Throw The Goat have created is an outstandingly explosive mixture of metal and rock with a dose of punk which makes it all the more incendiary. The band released their debut album Black Mountain in September 2012 and this is just so riotous and addictive, it is a powerful party mix of songs which are ass kickingly compelling. The first three songs, ‘Southeast Bound’, ‘Too Late’ and ‘Last Call’ are all full throttle assaults which could easily get you pogo-ing around in the mosh pit. These are a wonderful intro to the rest of the album which is a stunning collection of hard hitting dirty stoner rock packed full of attitude and delivered with a healthy heap of power. Ending with a party track called ‘Having A Beer’ Black Mountain is a stunning debut album, 9/10”

"I really hate it when someone throws the goat incorrectly. It should be palm out. People can’t ever seem to remember that. However, given their maniacal musical tendencies, I gotta believe that this Idyllwild, California band of horned rubber mask miscreants excel at throwing the goat, be it at old ladies at the bus stop or at the dude behind the counter at the porno shop. Then when they’re done terrorizing pedestrians with Satanic hand gestures they head back to their rented storage space, freak out on some desert punk rawk, have sword fights with rusty tailpipes, and throw the goat at one another. Palms out, of course."

"Maybe the best part about writing for a music website is that I have access to music and bands that I wouldn’t normally have had access to if I didn’t decide to volunteer my time to do this. I also enjoy my small part in the massive world that is heavy metal music as well, but finding a band that is way below the radar and trying to help bring them some exposure is what is really enjoyable about this gig. With that I bring you Throw The Goat. A four piece Punk Rock / Stoner Band from the small California town of Idyllwild here in the USA. Throw The Goat has released their DIY debut album Black Mountain and as far as I am concerned has put out one of the most intriguing albums so far this year, and that is saying something because this has been a stellar year in heavy metal music."

"...Great stoner/heavy rock with a lot of rock'n'roll energy, punk influences and great swampy vocals... A good slab of high voltage, enjoyable music... I'll keep an eye on them for sure."

"From Idylwild CA these guys were turned on to us by our dear friend from the underground rock scene, Lauren Boquette (Drown, Six and currently Lords of Ruin). Sometimes the greatest thing you can discover as a fan of music is all the stuff your friends are into. Well these guys showed up with the intent to impress and succeeded gratefully and graciously. With a Desert Rock/ Punk Rock sound mixing in some metal and jam too, Throw the Goat was awesome to watch. A 4 piece with Bassist/Vocalist, Michael, fronting the band (playing with his fingers I’d like to add) and Drummer, Tim, that could kick your face in, these guys brought the noise... Two Guitars Johnny and Brian taking turns in the spot light, playing with a passion for the songs that transfers through in the vibe of the audience. It seems these guys have been playing with each other for a long time or maybe just have that “click”. Everything went great for these guys... Throw the Goat was a great beginning to the B@1 Showc

"California rock band Throw the Goat contacted me about their demo, aptly named Demo Primero. They're not a metal band, but I think they'll appeal to you anyway. It's hard rock with plenty of punk influence, played fast and loose. There's a little bit of Misfits in here (check the chorus on "Too Late"). How can you possibly go wrong with that? It's pure fun, and absolutely free. I give it 4 out of 5 stars."

"...When playing its first session as a group, Mike, a.k.a. “Barba Rojo,” realized that the group has potential, “It was just one of those moments that clicked,” he says. “This is the band we’ve all wanted to be in for the past decade.” Brian, a.k.a. “Puke,” is planning on continuing to please the band’s “tribe of rabid, rock-hungry fans” as well as gain a few new fans at Angelo’s in Pomona as well, “Our live shows are always chaotic and energetic. Our fans are insane! It’s a sweaty, head-bangingly good rock ’n‘ roll time.” Throw the Goat’s newest album Demo Primero is a self-released album; “DIY” as Brian calls it. Come January (which Mike has deemed the “Year of the Goat”) Throw the Goat will be recording a new demo at the Idyllwild “Goat House” and further on in the year, the band has arranged for plenty of SoCal shows (performing for us “flatlanders”) and even a show down in Costa Rica."

"Throw The Goat is a quartet that plays energetic Stoner Rock with a Rock 'n' Roll attitude. This band has just released their first demo and it is immediatly a step in the right direction. This demo contains six catchy songs with nice guitar riffs, screamy vocals and a solid rhytm section. Throw The Goat displays their capabilities with this demo. This band is for sure a promise for the future. Enjoy!"