Coldwar / Press

"Coldwar are an accomplished and established extreme metal act that cater for those fans who like their aural abuse direct and undiluted. This is definitely a record that is worth strapping in and gritting your teeth for."

“When do bands move from the realms of being influenced to be influential is up for debate but Coldwar are bordering that coveted influential position extremely closely with this album. 9/10”

"Destructive but thought provoking, constantly intense and very, very addictive!"

"...an absolute beast of an album, the kind of feral, rabid beast that wouldn’t hesitate in ripping you limb from limb if you so much as looked at it funny."

"Dudes in Coldwar are pissed... Timid music this is not (obviously), Coldwar should have zero trouble carving a name for themselves on European and American shores. 'Pantheist', ultimately, is one of the rare outings where a band’s purpose and songwriting dynamics override the disparate sounds they happen to be bringing together. Allow us to repeat: Hard as nails."

"“Pantheist” is another rock hard release that will only cement their enviable record even further."

"The aggression is fowl and the result is some gnarly metal."

"Coldwar are vicious and unholy, but they unravel extreme music and the power it holds in a whole new way."

"For dark extreme music from doom to black metal to hardcore it's all covered in this awesome bewildering album."

"Keeping your attention by the nuts with a varied pace (as much as an extreme metal bad can) without ditching any of the intensity, the album chugs on with sheer brutality..."

"...merciless riffing, violence and energy by simplicity..."

"Coldwar are a sonic front against hypocrisy, both lyrically and musically."

"This is anything but crystal-sounding melodic death metal, its raw and dirty."

"Feel like a blunt object over the head repeatedly? Coldwar will graciously provide the soundtrack."

Crave Magazine

"Respect! Highly recommended for those who think for themselves" 4/6

Steve Earls - Zero Tolerance

"It's a crime that this band isn't signed."

Metalcore Fanzine