Thirty Dollar Stella / Press

“Thirty Dollar Stella's You're In Some Trouble Son (part III) "This album is very well done and includes a good mix of covers, like "Copperhead Road," as well as originals. It's also a good mix of country, rock and blues. Regardless of the sognwriter or the style of the song, this album doesn't contain any throwaway songs. Every song on the album is a good one that will get you moving. If you've been on the lookout for a band that could be your new favorite, Thirty Dollar Stella is a good place to start. You're in Some Trouble, Son will be available on Dec. 8. For more information - and to stream the entire album - visit the band's ReverbNation page."”

“Thirty Dollar Stella's You're In Some Trouble Son (Part II) "And speaking of irresistible, check out the song "One Eyed Ford." There is a rumble not only in the bass, but also in the guitar. Plus, there's some harmonica that is a nice accent to the rest of the instruments in the song. If you're one of those people who likes to think about the perfect setting for a song, this one is easy. This is the perfect song for a drag race, or for a movie scene about a drag race. Be warned when you listen to this song because it might make you want to get into your heap and race someone on a deserted stretch of road. An album like this one wouldn't be complete without a drinking song, and Thirty Dollar Stella has a good one called "Whiskey in a Pickup" This is another good rockin' tune but also leans a little toward the Bakersfield sound - especially in the guitar. This album is very well done and includes a good mix of covers, like "Copperhead Road," as well as originals. (see part III)”

“Thirty Dollar Stella's You're In Some Trouble Son (Part I) "The new album from Thirty Dollar Stella kicks off with a version of "Mystery Train." This is a fun version with (naturally) a train sort of beat on the drums and some guitar that brings Luther Perkins to mind. Even if you don't know this song, you'll find it hard to resist singing along. This is not the only train song on the album either. "Lone Train" is another one and this one is a rocker. It features some instrumental breaks that bring Allman Brothers to mind. It also features some wicked slide guitar work and harmonica that gives a little blues feeling to the song. If you like the blues sound in that song, you'll really like "Wanna Rock and Roll." This song features some lowdown slide guitar that is reminiscent of another L.A. artist: Lightnin' Woodcock. To add to the blues feel of the song, the band mixes a blues classic "John the Revelator" into the song. (See Part II)”

“One of those bands that's worth discovering is Thirty Dollar Stella, This band certainly falls into the country category. However, this isn't cowboy-hat country. The country aspect of this comes from the heavy blues influence of this band as well as some alt-country sounds. The first song is a cover of the country/blues classic "Mystery Train" This is a great version of a train song - and let's face it; there's never a bad time for a train song. This band shows it can straddle the line between alt-country and blues. A good example of this is the band's cover of "Six Days on the Road". The band takes this song and puts some good twang into it. "What the Cowgirls Do" is a slow-burning, lowdown blues song that features some awesome slide guitar. "Wanna Rock and Roll" even includes some lyrics from the blues standard "John the Revelator". The band strives for a less-is-more approach. The guys follow through on it. A lot of great licks & real simple, straightforward vocals. CD due soon!”

“Thirty Dollar Stella (2012) 3.5*** out of 5*** Has a similar feel to J.J. Cale's music i.e. laid back, blends blues, folk, country into a highly palatable stew but despite the laid back feel still has impact and feeling.”