“...filled with surprising moments. At the start of ”Mal De Mer“, I feel as though my pineal gland is channeling all the knowledge of the universe, through the synth-ing of Jeremy Basher, and suddenly the intense guitar and vocals drive me back down to earth, which is a good place to enjoy a tasty beverage.”

“...the band has released its debut EP, "Midnight Hands." The first track, "Flesh & Blood," has a big U2-sounding guitar line right out of the gate, before shifting gears to a passage with syncopated rhythm and squiggly synths that wouldn't sound out of place on a Les Savy Fav disc. "Mal De Mer" starts off with pulsing, strobe-like synthesizer and a stuttering post-punk beat before cresting with a huge chorus and soaring guitar heroics. There's a bit of a trick ending, with an unexpected classic rock style turn. The final track, "True North," starts off with a squeal of feedback and echoing guitars that show up again, supporting a plaintive chorus. Like the song before it, "True North" takes another unexpected turn toward the end, when a raspy sounding drum machine sample shuffles into the picture amid washes of synthesizer and more snaky guitar and synth lines.”

““Flesh and Blood” kicks off Year of the Tiger’s debut EP, the self-issued Midnight Hands, which Tedford produced and engineered. It’s a driving, swirling song with equal parts hooky guitars and weaving keys propelled by a strong rhythm section. It sets the stage aptly for the rest of the five-song collection. Those familiar with Underclaire won’t be too shocked. Mullins still sings and his guitar is still in the mix, but Brasher’s synths and drummer Tate’s samples and programming add another layer of texture to the songs that make them sound more fleshed out and fully realized. It’s progressive alt-pop with electronica flourishes that aren’t intrusive.”

“Underclaire’s snag is The Year of the Tiger’s fortune. That’s one way of viewing Underclaire’s difficulties in late 2010 that created Little Rock outfit The Year of the Tiger, an offshoot of Underclaire, releasing its debut EP Midnight Hands this week...The rise of The Year of the Tiger is also a fortuitous happening for fans of Arkansas-bred rock — the kind of tight, brawny rock with synth textures found on the five punchy, post-rock tunes of Midnight Hands. But Year of the Tiger is not merely an extension of Underclaire...”

"Studly local supergroup"

"roaring indie rock"

“Angular rock for some type of hypothetical apocalypse scenario.”