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"...one of those amazing soloists destined for fame, his artistry is an intoxicating blend of folk rock, bluegrass and rich story songs with subtle pop influences thrown in..." "...fun, upbeat melodies and easy sing-along lyrics make his music the kind you just can’t get enough of.." "From the unusual percussive styles to the unique musical style blends, the vast range of influences in his music is simply decadent. But the sheer scope of musical genius can only be fully appreciated when you see how the music is made..." "...he starts out with a portable piano on his lap, then adds an acoustic guitar, a harmonica, a kick drum, a tambourine and shaker. And, he plays them all by himself! “It’s like a steam punk Dr. Seuss or something..." "...Like his stories, The Wrong Omar’s music is truly meaningful and real. The smiles and uplifting atmosphere it provides is one of those wonderful added bonuses you just don’t want to miss out on..."

"There are all kinds of unique indie artists out there making their mark on the musical landscape, but few bring such uniqueness in terms of both vocals and songwriting like The Wrong Omar... ...the disc hums along with a pleasant, accessible artistry – things kick off with the sunny, energetic sensibilities of More than Miles, then glide effortlessly into Spit It Out. The cleverly-penned Zemblanity follows – again tapping into a handful of genres that gel together refreshingly well..."

"... It's beautiful with a strong, pointed chorus that compels with engaging urgency....when it hits, it's dead-on, brilliantly inspired....Excellent songwriting. Warm, wry melodies over bright, moody chords...."

Dwight Hobbes - Twin Cities Daily Planet

"...My uncle Joey, musically known as, The Wrong Omar, is a one man band of sorts who plays guitar, harmonica, tambourine on one foot, bass drum on the other and sings simultaneously. Tell me this probably isn't the coolest person you will ever meet Joe's not only a fantastic musician but an incredible performer and has a witty story that accompanies almost every song. I have listened to some of these stories what seems like a thousand times and every time, without fail, I am totally and completely engrossed, even eager to hear punchlines I've heard before. When I was younger, we would pop in his c.d. on long road trips and every time I am lucky enough to hear him play, especially hearing his classics a.k.a Ms Ellie or Monopoly, I can close my eyes and imagine, staring out the window sleepy eyed in the back seat of the minivan as we made our way back from Quetico into a sea of black studded with twinkling city lights..."

"...Joey Shaheen, a singer/songwriter performing as The Wrong Omar, is from Minneapolis, MN. He's an engaging personality who's songs are generally story-telling pieces reflecting on his experience..."

"...The Wrong Omar (whose real name is Joey Shaheen) is an accomplished singer/songwriter and musician. He’s also a seasoned storyteller. Even his name, The Wrong Omar, has a story behind it...."