The Von Frankensteins / Press

“This is real straight-up Horror-punk with some other influences as well... I heard these songs by downloading them off their website and I have to say the couple original tracks are very catchy, well made, and badass. Its always good to combine good influences like motorhead and the misfits plus I hear some Hellhammer-ish influence as well. Its a very good blend of some different styles and like I said is catchy and fun and it also manages to be original as well.”

"Mr. Jim" Catania, drummer on the MISFITS' seminal 1978 album "Static Age" and the legendary "Bullet" EP, has joined THE VON FRANKENSTEINS. The New York City-based band will be preparing for live dates and working on a new record which will mark the first hardcore/punk material recorded and/or performed by Mr. Jim since the original MISFITS era.