The Utah County Swillers / Press

“Ever just get the feelin' like you want to escape the city and head out into the sticks with your friends only to drink back a shit ton of beer and go cow-tippin'? If that temptation has ever crossed your mind, then the Utah County Swillers is musical fodder for such a fantasy. Rising up from the cow patty laden farmlands of Springville, UT., The Swillers have thick americana/hillbilly roots and they display their redneck status proudly. With songs such as 'Liquor Store, Booze Down, and Rage...these guys take their oceans of alcohol consumption to high tide and they are proud of it. So much so, they won't hesitate to drink all your beer and get fucked up and puke in the sink. If you're looking for a wild back country driven redneck mayhem, I dare say nobody else but the Swillers can embrace such madness.”

Wayne B. Lewis - Redneck World

“The Indie Music Spotlight!”