The Straight A / Press

“THE STRAIGHT A, hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, an in-your-face raw powered vocally-driven synergetic grooving garage rock band with the ability to deliver honest tones and aural pleasure! ”

Lyric LaCeile, music journalist, Los Angeles - Featured Artists Live

“From Frankfurt am Main, Germany, we have here a very compact rock band, THE STRAIGHT A, a dynamic trio (...) They deliver a dirty driving pleasant garage rock music very exciting, harmonies well up front. Maybe nothing really new but honestly performed with enthusiasm and competency and the final result works wonderfully and hits your soul. Their 5 songs EP is a nice rock pearl, best tracks are 'Rock 'n' Roll Asshole', the catchy 'Coming Home', and the very fast 'White Ass Riot Soul'. I like them, they represent a good example of combination of old and modern rock sounds done with a non common passion.”

Carlo Basile, former top manager in the music industry - Radio Basile