The Static Tones / Press

““It’s got more of a raw feeling. When you play a normal show, like something that’s at a venue, it feels rehearsed,” said Josh Nelson, lead singer of the Static Tones, 21, general studies, Coeur d’Alene. “It’s like magic, it’s raw, pure energy.””

“Good ol' rock 'n' roll never dies. Coeur d'Alene's The Static Tones keep the torch burning with fuzz-drenched dual-guitar riffs and a powerhouse rhythm section. Brothers Josh (lead vocals, guitar) and Ian (bass, backing vocals) swapped instruments a few times before they settled on their current configuration. Chris (guitar, backing vocals) and Ronnie (drums) joined the brothers in high school, jamming casually for years before finally reforming in 2011 as a serious band. Since then, they have toured and released a full-length CD, "Attack of The Static Tones." Just two days after performing at Spokane's Terrain 5 arts/multi-media festival, The Static Tones will bring their neo-classic rock to the 103.1 KCDA Local Lounge. ”

“It’s easy to image brothers Joshua and Ian Nelson-Bass hiding Playboys under the bed as kids. When they grew bored with buxom blondes, they must have picked up guitars. The brothers formed the Coeur d’Alene alternative rock band in late 2011. Their album, Attack of the Static Tones, is a mixture of Buckcherry-esque lyrics about the ever-sexual witch and succubus. (JB)”

“Four young men in their 20s form the Static Tones: Josh Nelson (vocals/guitar), Ian Nelson (bass), Chris Dehlbom (guitar) and Ronnie Ross (drums). Nelson and Ross are current NIC students, while Dehlbom used to attend. Dehlbom said the band works hard combining music, study and jobs, but the result is worth it. Having played together for only about a year the bands is already planning on releasing their first full-length album, which will include 11 songs. The musicians will start working on it this April and promise a quality result, though no release date has been announced. “It’s just going to be whenever it’s done,” Dehlbom said. “We want it to be a really, really good sounding album. So it could be two months, it could be two days. I don’t know.” .... ”