the Stagger and Sway / Press

"...a rocking slice of hard hitting Americana."

John Jobling - Maverick Country

"... Break Til You Bend could be the soundtrack of this recession, an ode to the everyman balancing family, work and rock-and- roll fantasies ... "

“Country-Folk-Indie-Rock-Goodness is the medical term, we believe. ”

"...the only thing better than listening to them on my iPod is listening to them live."

Andrew Fickes - Northwest Indie Music

"... natural charisma and dusty poetics are unmistakably the main attraction."

“...bittersweet poetry that grounds lighter-than-air singing in the grit of life’s daily losses”

Rick Levin - Eugene Weekly

“The bottom line: Last’s songs are about everyday life.”

Andrew Fickes - Northwest Indie Music

"...smart, understated, impeccably crafted songs..."

Dan Jones

"Not just milquetoast music for Volvo hippies."

Eugene Weekly