Silo Effect / Press

“Silo Effect closed out the first night with an amazing set. Bassist Steve Owen gushed enthusiastically at the crowd love he and his band were receiving. The band proved once again that they deserve the late-night timeslot at these East Coast festivals.”

“Upon meeting Bryan Reyes, drummer for Silo Effect, the awkward grin and hello I dished out was countered warmly with a hug and smile. His talent for drums preceeded him and at the time I didn't know I'd be interviewing him, but the first impression was certainly disarming. After some word of mouth about the band, some brushing up on their youtube videos, and a quick peak at siloeffect.com, I took the opportunity to learn more about Bryan, the band, and where they see themselves as musicians in the future.”

“Silo Effect closed out the night with 2 electrifying sets with 2 special surprise guests. Andrew Lutwin sat in for 2 covers over the night, "Naive Melody" by Talking Heads and "Fame" by David Bowie. Also during the second set Sam Brouse of Papadosio sat in with the Silo Effect coming in on Kasyapa> Cheministry which is a new song for the boys.”

“Matt and Steve awed and inspired the guys with their impressive festival performance experience and vast catalog of mind altering music. Silo Effect talked food, local restaurants/venues, light shows and the possibility that Dan's enormous head is proof he is really a human/alien hybrid.”

“HGMN WELCOMES THE SILO EFFECT! Silo creates an experience that blends musical elements of funk, up-tempo trance and break-beats, heavy guitar effects, and contagious dance grooves – wide open to space and time.”

“THE SILO EFFECT: ASCENSION AND BEYOND The show, the album, the film. Could this be the year of the Silo? Photos by James Young.”

“The five tracks of “Treehouse” fuse elements of “livetronica,” “jam” and rock to make an expansive, addictive debut.”

“Most of the time, a lot of people show up late in hopes of missing the opening acts, or just because they only wanted to see the headliner in the first place. Silo smashed that stereotype, with fans huddled against the stage barrier chanting for the band before they ever took the stage.”

“See how we rank! HGMN Staff's Favorites of 2010...”

““Treehouse” is the first album I have bought in a good while. It’s easily worth the $5 download, especially due to the anticipation that has been wrapped around this release. Also, you can order a tangible copy of the album for just under 8 bucks. (Click Here to Purchase) For years I have only had this demo tape that Rico gave me after a Galactic show back when the Hat Factory was Toads Place, if that means anything to you. At least a good 3 years old. These guys are extremely talented musicians, who have a lot of passion for what they do. From epic guitar solos to a funky rhythm section these guys can get a crowd of any size moving, whether you’re familiar with their music or not. I always have a blast whenever I get a chance to see these guys and I am definitely glad to see them making moves. As a more of a “jam band” it’s always a relief to listen to something similar to the type of bands that got it all started for me. Big ups Silo, keep it coming!”