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“The Sickstring Outlaws are being played in rotation at the following stations... VRadio Nashville Kickin' Country WVLP 98.3FM Musicians Music Radio KSLO 1230AM KSLO 105.3FM AP Country Radio Radio Brandy”

Ron Houston - Internet

"It's funny who you get chatting away if you walk into the Rainbow around 12.00 midday in mid November - there's always a musician and a character or two kicking around. On this occasion I got talking away to a dude who had a cool baseball cap that just happened to be the name of the band he was in from San Diego, California called 'The Sickstring Outlaws' so he gave me this 'ere CD to check out. I was blown away by it - good ole country music with plenty of banjo on it with tunes about listening to artists like getting stoned, writing cool songs and having a good time with your friends. There's a killer tribute to Johnny Cash called 'Johnny Drank Jack'. This is rootsy county bluegrass with masses of southerness at its finest. I urge everyone to check out these guys."

Glenn Milligan - Metalliville UK

"This band is clearly influenced by Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard and other Classic country stars, but the music is still super-fun and has a tough sound all its own." - Nina Garin

Nina Garin - San Diego Union Tribune

“Rootin' tootin', knee-slappin' country licks that ol' David Allan Coe would be proud to have influenced. These outlaws have done an impeccable job of reconciling the two opposing faces of classic country music—the solemn and the silly to deliver a lively set with killer harmonies, menacing fiddles, heartfelt honesty and odes to whiskey. —Sammi Skolmoski”

Sammi Skolmoski - San Diego City Beat