The Scarred / Press

“When you know a band is capable of delivering something and all of your wildest expectations are exceeded with thirteen tracks, it takes a minute to regain your composure. I listened to the album another two times to be sure; yes, it was real, it really happened.”

“I’d be a fool to compare The Scarred to any other bands, because they are so much more than just another band. Simply put, they sound like punk, the way punk is supposed to sound.”

“Overall, "The Scarred"’s third album "At Half Mast" consists of dynamic, catchy tunes that gives me the feeling that at their shows, everyone is smiling, arm-in-arm in the pit singing along to the lyrics.”

“Justin's vocals really stand out as he jammed through their set, his guitar playing was just as incredible as his voice. Ben9000...Incredible Drummer. Byron Sinn...fits in well...an incredible night of "ROCK AND ROLL"”

“Wooo! Finally, some punk rock!”

“Punk is not dead, and the Scarred proves so on their sophomore album "No Solution". The sound of these socal punk rockers resembles that of Bad Religion and Pennywise...The Scarred is definitely a band all old school punk fans ought to listen to."”

“THE SCARRED's classic punk rock sound is one that any punk fan could enjoy, and easily fall in love with. It has been a while since a band has really blown me away with an album, finally THE SCARRED have stepped up and saved me from this downward tilt in the music industry.”

“The Scarred mix together acts like Bad Religion with The Germs to come up with something current while still having the bite of previous days.. amazing band .. The Scarred keep punk alive and kicking"”

“The Scarred play a mixture of 77 style punk rock & roll and early 80s OC stuff and they do a damned fine job of it!”

“I still can’t get half the songs out of my head. I’m even catching myself singing these songs when walking my dog!”

“The songs are fast, snotty and remind you of songs from 1977. The Scarred are an awesome street punk band and this is something to listen to.”