“Estos muchachos se mueven en un Stoner Rock de corte clásico, con guitarras muy Heavy y un potente vocalista. De repente, se encuentran atmósferas a lo SOUNDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS, mezcladas con cosas más raras a lo CLUTCH o elementos del Stoner Clásico en el estilo de ST. VITUS. Pero "Lord of the sun" muestra a banda bien compacta, con temas muy trabajados y una producción magnífica. Hasta el Artwork es muy apropiado para el título del disco y evidentemente tiene un trabajo muy profesional. THE SAND COLLECTOR dan por sentado todo esto en la fantástica "Spirit", sin dudas lo mejor de "Lord of the sun". Ellos muestran todo su potencial en este disco. Toda la parafernalia del Stoner vive en ellos y así se muestran, por lo que estamos en presencia de una revelación de esto que solemos llamar Rock Desértico. Myspace del Grupo 86/100 Pablo B.”

“On their debut album "Lord of the Sun" for Radix Records, The Sand Collector from Allicante, Spain instantly hits you full force with a fury of groove-driven southern riffage. The down-tuned guitars and gritty machismo vocal set the tone for a blistering debut. Pile driver drumming and vociferous bass also lend to the assault which seemlessly weaves doses of stoner, doom and southern elements into this impressive body of sound. The band has made the album available for free download on Bandcamp or you may purchase a physical copy at this location.”

“...donde a mi me pueden recordar ciertos pasajes a DOWN, a ti te recordarán a CORROSION OF CONFROMITY. En esa melodía en la que a mi me venga a la cabeza ¡PENDEJO!, tu tal vez la veas más cercana a ORANGE GOBLIN...nos dejan ver, a lo largo del disco, riffs potentes, pegadizos y machacones, mezclados la mayoría de las veces con sonidos muy heavies, otras veces con otros sonidos más cercanos al Southern Metal, e incluso otras al Sludge en su vertiente más rockera. Todo ello aderezado por la muy peculiar y desgarrada voz de Pepe que, curtida en mil tequilas, nos envolverá en un sonido aún más macarra... Como veis, mucha calidad musical, con sonidos actuales, combinados con el rock de toda la vida. la escucha del disco invita a realizarse en un bar a rebosar de gente, con unas cuantas cervezas, toda la noche por delante para pasarlo bien y el volumen de la música a tope.”

“ Lord Of The Sun, el primer albúm de este grupo español cuenta con siete temas; influenciado por grupos como Black Sabbath, Spiritual Beggars, Clutch, Mastodon, Neurosis, Cathedral... está completamente autoproducido por The Sand Collector, lanzado por la discográfica gallega Radux records. Podeis alucinar con su Stoner: moderno, pesado y vivaz, riffs eléctricos, enérgicamente contagioso, golpe, distorsión, groove, punch, y una gran voz (A mi se me parece a la de James Hetfield cuando tenía buena voz...).”

“The band has connections with the band Nahemah, as they shared vocalist before. Though they are not that similar, this band makes a heavy/stoner rock sound. They actually have a good flow going, the songs are bringing you right in the mood for a summer festival and this has to do with the riffing being catchy and furious, you can see the fans playing air guitar to it in your imagination. What works less for them is the fact that after a couple of songs you quite get their trick. The songs have much in common and therefore a little more variation would have been better. This mainly has to do with the strong structure. Nevertheless The Sand Collector has made an album that has plenty of good things, the vocals work and here and there an oddity make it interesting to give it a go. “Lord of The Sun” is in my car this summer, driving from place to place it seems a fun companion. Just for that already its worth to get it.”

“Ive gotta say, if I was either of the guys that left this band I'ld be kicking myself after hearing this epic debut album. Smashing right out the gates with thick waves of dirty southern rock sounding riffs and gruff vocals the opening track The Chains Of Fear sets a great pace and feel for the rest of the recording. If you didn't know any better you'd swear this was a band from Texas or some other southern US state.... ...The huge thumping bass and down toned guitars make for an excellent backing to Pepe's gritty voice. The guys simply excel at art of chugging riffs, everything is so tight its hard to believe this is a debut for them. If you're partial to a bit of Dozer, Red Fang and other bands of a similar ilk then you've gotta check these fellas out! ”

“The Sand Collector is a five piece band from Alicante, Spain. This band plays Stoner Rock with Sludge, Doom, Southern and Metal influences. The album Lord Of The Sun contains 11 songs, which can be qualified as excellent. This band plays their music very well and they have a singer with a great voice. The Sand Collector is a band with a lot potential. That is proved by this album. Enjoy!”

"...Now,what to expect from these guys. Furious riffs and groovy bass that will satisfy every stoner rock fan,heavy rythm section,powerful drumming and vocals that fit perfectly in band's sound." ..."They're solid,they had thick sound and clear production that designate their best parts. So,why not to love them?"

"Great band from Spain. check 'em if you don't already know 'em."

“The Sand Collector isn't exactly original but its about the riffs at the end of the time and they have them to spare. They have a excellent vocalist and a real heavy duty rhythm section. The guitar team of Julián Velasco and Ferando Ferre are flawless and the songs are instantly infectious and memorable. Rather than being a "poor mans" Clutch, they sound even better than Clutch in my view especially in light of Clutch's recent albums which to me have a little weak. Can't say much more about this promo release except if you like the bands influences, then you will dig them. The album is up for free download which seems to be the way these days so check it out. Its a pretty solid, kick-ass recording. 8/10”

"Lord Of The Sun, siete temas, con influencias diversas como Black Sabbath, Spiritual Beggars, Clutch, Mastodon, Neurosis, Cathedral, Alice in Chains, Down, Electric Wizard, Ocean Colour Scene (...) completamente autoproducido por The Sand Collector": Alicantinos de Elche, su Stoner es moderno y en boga -rocker pero alterno, pesado pero vivaz, enérgico pero contagioso-, y menos permeable al Rock Art experimental y al Desert que a géneros más tangibles como el Southern o el Space Rock (y cuando se acerca al Doom lo hace indirectamente). Golpe, distorsión, riffs, groove, punch, voces convincentes y buenos ambientes ¿Qué más? (7 tracks).

“Spain offers a hidden gem by way of The Sand Collector’s first demo titled Lord of the Sun, a lush foray into the doom/stoner metal arena. There is some seriously heavy crunch-worthy riffing going on here, my friends; the absolute heavy metal sound is what is sorely lacking in today’s transparent doom style. Already into the first two tracks I’m completely mesmerized by what is unfolding in my head. Without benefit of speedy, complicated chord changes and overpowering designs, The Sand Collector creates a collective that is heavy for the sake of nothing more than being solid heavy Sabbathy-type music. I’m not even sure the obligatory Sabbath comparison is sufficient here as there are some terrific grooves here ala Wheel or Sahg, the latter being a very viable comparison... ... I’m thinking that The Sand collector may just be one of many faces in the underground stoner movement, but weed through the seemingly pathetic mediocrity and find something worth your time.”

“Por fin ya tengo tiempo de escuchar esto como se debe! Human Machine, excelente corte para abrir, muy heavy, veloz a momentos y claro su toque stoner. Algo más espeso en sonido, es el tema Spirit, en una onda más stoner/rock, pero metalizado. Siguiendo en lo espeso y denso, nos llega Lord Of The Sun, más Stoner metal, con algunos viajes hacia el doom clásico, que están de lujo y muy poderosos. Mi favorito y el mejor para mi gusto. ...Jupiter , bastante de Black Sabbath se puede percibir en el track, que por cierto, sigue siendo tan bueno como el resto... Who laughs now? , corte similar a Spirit, con sonido más rockero y fácilmente digerible. Tiene cierto aire o pasajes pequeños de doom, aunque es básicamente Stoner el asunto. Ya para finalizar esta IX , lo mejor para el final señores, un tema lento de tintes doom, pero bien llevado con excelentes riffs duros e imponentes como un muro, para quienes gustan de estos ritmos, está tema es oro puro. Calificación 8/10”