The Running Kind / Press

“It's ironic that the Running Kind named themselves after the Merle Haggard lament about wanderlust, because the local country-rock band is the very portrait of domestic bliss. Lead singer Leslie Ann Bosson and guitarist/songwriter Matt Bosson are married, and the rest of the group — lead guitarist George Alexander, drummer Neil Fukasawa, bassist Frank San Filippo and pianist Kevin Smith — fit in comfortably like members of an extended family. On the Running Kind's new CD, The Girl for All the World, Leslie Ann's operatic purity and Matt's down-home counterpoint twist together into some nice harmonies, while Alexander lights things up with judicious honky-tonk sparkle. Matt is a pleasantly tuneful writer, but he's more interesting when he gets deeper and darker, exploring the bittersweet contradictions of love and wanderlust on the title track and "Old Girl," which fit in best with the sextet's low-key covers of George Jones' "Life to Go" and Neil Young's "Don't Cry No Tears."”

“The Running Kind: The Girl For All The World (Bossonova Music) Having taken their name from a 1977 Merle Haggard song, the husband and wife team of Matt and Leslie Bosson cover songs by George Jones, Gram Parsons, and Neil Young on this, their second release. Alongside the three covers, there are seven originals with Matt and Leslie exchanging lead vocal duties throughout. Album highlights include the gorgeous title track and the galloping twang of "Old Girl," which showcases George Alexander's storming electric guitar. ”

“The Running Kind is like a poppy, female-fronted Johnny Cash band, complete with fights and deceit, humor and longing. Many of the songs have a male singer along with the female voice, and unlike Johnny Cash, the band is hopeful rather than cynical. [Seven] of the songs on "The Girl for All the World" are originals. Guitar solos remind you of the 1970s, and a nice twangy sound is also reminiscent of the alt-country of the 1970s. A slow, plodding track here and there provide a counterpoint to more upbeat songs, but overall, the whole album is mid-paced and would be a nice, kick-your-feet-up-for-awhile listen. It could also provide some great tracks for throwing into a country-rock mixtape. ”

“This is shit kicker music. Country western, beer-drinkin’, cowboy-boot clankin’ music. Pull on those Tony Lamas and dust off those Lee Jeans. You’ll be hittin' the honky-tonks, cryin’ in your beer, hee-hawin’ with your horse, and all the time there will be guitars, bass, drums, mandolins, piano, dobro, pedal steel, even a trombone, a-playin’ to entertain you. You see, these boys can really get down. Leslie can sing a touch or two - so can George, Matt, Neil and Frank. You’ll be two-steppin’, a-waltzin’, box steppin’ and country swingin’. You will also be wantin’ to listen. So get yourself a cold one. Any old cowpoke worth their boots will tell you that there are two types of shit-kicker music - good and bad. Partner, this is the good shit. - Old School ”