The River Has Many Voices / Press

“Payne brings out the emotion in this track about lost love. The harmonies are both sweet and melancholy and create great audio texture in this song. Payne has created a glorious tribute to this “Emily.” I hope she heard it.”

“And “Barton Creek” is 6 beautiful songs of longing, loss, and optimism. The 41 minutes of the ep are bulked up by the heartrending 16 minutes of the closing track, “Picture In A Thousand Words,” short cyclical vignettes of unfulfilled desire, offset by the glimmer of hope. A deep, heartfelt album about the human condition.”

"The River Has Many Voices’ EP, Barton Creek, is like Texas itself. It’s a whispered horizon, gently settling into the space it inhabits. It’s more than a lullaby, although it is often peaceful and contemplative. Barton Creek is full of love and longing and heartbreak, bubbling within mastermind Matthew Payne’s gravelly but lovely voice. It is the cooler, quieter seasons..."