The Right Now / Press

“TRN is only getting better. The new single is raw and FUNKY.”

"The Right Now...[is] reaching out for something honest and true...one of the groups looking to save soul from the Bro-town ghetto."

"Stunning. The greatest album you haven't heard this year...[i]nnovative, timeless and worth remembering, the disc is everything that music should be."

"Carry Me Home will take you back to the time when you could feel emotion in every track of an album."

"[Carry Me Home] crackles with old-school soul flavor with the clear intent of starting a modern party."

"[The Right Now] met [Berecz's] big, fluid voice with the full-bodied support it needs, striking just the right tone on everything from the bluesy “Afraid Not to Die” to the sticky-sweet “Candlelight and Satin Sheets.”

"The band is not afraid to channel Motown soul, punch it up with groovy funk, or lay down some radio ready pop hooks. The rhythm section keeps it bouncing as the horn section alternately defines or smoothes the edges with jazzy panache."

"The singer's timeless, sultry vocals continually charm Chicago reviewers, but the rest of the group is not to be underestimated, forming a troupe of groove-packed guitar and powerhouse horns that will undoubtedly energize any venue."

"Soul is still alive, due in part to a bunch of white dudes from Chicago...the real draw here is lead singer Stefanie Berecz, whose dusty, hypnotic voice puts her in line to be another Jennifer Hudson–type success story."