The Red 100's / Press

“Dirty guitar licks and pure unadulterated rock will fill Lochrann’s Irish Pub...The band’s high-energy performance oozing with raw energy takes note from rock and roll greats like Jimi Hendrix, The Stooges and even Oak Cliff’s own Stevie Ray Vaughan.”

“The Red 100's play a pretty badass brand of blues rock: the lead guitars and solid drum work on tracks like "Set Me Free" make fot some quality rock n roll.”

“The Red 100s describe themselves as "striving to pick up the pieces where Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath left off", a pretty lofty goal for these fresh-faced, semi-recent additions to the Denton music scene...I can't wait to see how they will fare at The Boiler Room on Thursday.”

“Some people try their whole lives to put their own signature on the blues. With that riff from "Set Me Free," the Red 100s have staked their claim.”

“They sound so original and compelling with their two-guitar alignment making their interpretation of the blues an exciting and fresh one. Both guitar players are right on the beat, cranking out simple syncopated changes with clockwork efficiency.”