The Ravones Tribute to the Ramones / Press

“The best-received and overall most entertaining acts were those of nostalgia: A.S.D.’s ‘Arizona Über Alles', the entire RAVONES set-list (a fast-and-fun Ramones cover band), and, of course, Agent Orange. In fact, I absolutely loved the RAVONES. Covering the Ramones’ more conventional hits (one fan was understandably disappointed by the absence of ‘Sha-La-La, which would have been perhaps too incredible live), the forty-plus punks had donned complete Ramones attire for the outing, even bringing along a quaint flag with ‘Hey Ho, Let’s Go!’ emblazoned upon it. The entire thing was a blatant novelty act, and I, along with a large following in the crowd, enjoyed every second of it.”