The Ragbirds / Press

"YOU CAN HIT REPEAT and play it all over again. So there you go, guaranteed smiles no matter what the weather is outside. With Finally Almost Ready, the forecast is always sunny and worldly with no borders and plenty of highs."


"For all their old-timey bohemianism — Zindle's charming, unaffected compositions lay forth the image of a dust-swept Eastern European backcountry that may or may not have existed a century ago — The Ragbirds are 21st centurists through and through."

Nashville Scene

"enviable mastery of musical comprehension"

Charleston City Paper

““It’s rare to hear something new and exciting in the realm of folk/roots music, but the careful alchemists of The Ragbirds have given us just that!””

Homegrown Music Network

““(The Ragbirds have an) effortless fusion of world cultures and styles””

iSpy Magazine