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“The Rivets just keep turning out good original tunes, but they play enough covers to keep the fools interested.”

“Jason Hill and his fellow Pop Rivets always put on an energetic pop-rock show full of original tunes.”

“You boys are tight for just a 2 piece and a biscuit!”

Duane - Early Renditions Band

““K92 was extremely happy to have The Pop Rivets as part of 2 of K92's Beach parties at Bernard's Landing during Summer '05. The Rivets brought the entire crew and brought the noise attracting hundreds of K92 listeners for a free concert, free Volleyball, ice cream, hot dogs, drinks, games and more. The guys knew lots of songs familiar to our listeners and the radio station received dozens of letters and emails thanking us and the Pop Rivets for throwing such a great party. We've also had the pleasure of The Pop Rivets playing for us at First Fridays downtown Roanoke. The Pop Rivets bring the party wherever they go and we're looking forward to the next opportunity to have them for a show. “ Kidd Carter, K92 Promotions Director and midday personality ”

Kidd Carer K92 Radio Promotions Director and Midday Personality - Sam Hill Entertainment Agency

““Not only did The Pop Rivets learn 2 new songs at our request; they were so good, the party next door abandoned their own band just to listen to TPR! You will always be our first choice! A great time was had by all!!” ”

Kappa Alpha Order - Sam Hill Entertainment Agency

““The Pop Rivets band was great. We really enjoyed them. I would highly recommended them. They played the music my daughter requested and played the correct music for the wedding crowd. For only three persons, they had a great sound. Thanks so much.” – ”

Customer Review - Sam Hill Entertainment Agency

““The band was awesome. (They) did such a great job working with us before the event to get the right mix of music, then during the reception everything was totally seamless. All our guests were dancing up a storm.. I mean my husband's father did the worm for heaven's sake. We got tons of compliments on the music, and they even let the groom get up with them and rap Young MC's "Bust a Move". Thanks again!””

Customer Review - Sam Hill Entertainment Agency

““The Pop Rivets were great! They were extremely pleasant to deal with, as well as extremely accommodating! They learned a new song without any problem (which was actually for our first dance) and did a great job with it!!! I'm not exaggerating when I say that almost every single guest commented on how great they were! We couldn't have dreamed of a better performance for the most important day of our lives! I'd love to leave a review on your website saying the same (maybe a little more detail). Please let me know what I need to do, the reviews that we read were helpful and I would like to pass on more positive feedback for other perspective clients.””

Customer Review - Sam Hill Entertainment Agency

““The Pop Rivets are a Great Band! Loved the music, loved the guys! Very impressed:)” ”

Customer Review - Sam Hill Entertainment

““Roanoke-based band The Pop Rivets opened the show, playing mostly originals, including the country/metal/funk cut-up “Burt Reynolds Jeans,” and “Yankee Beer,” along with a credible cover of Robert Randolph and the Family Band’s “I Need More Love.” You’ve got to love a hot bar band that doesn’t get phased by a gig like this.””

Tad Dickens - Pete Best Concert Review For The Roanoke Times

““That was one Awesome Pop Rivets show at Mango's this past weekend. It started to rain and my boys played IN the rain. Talk about "never stop the show." I heard from several people how awesome this show was! Not that The Pop Rivets aren't always awesome, but every musician always has that one show where everything is on and perfect! So, good job guys! I heart you!””

Tracy Morris - Band Girl Blog for The Roanoke Times

““I was lucky enough to be with them during their radio debut on WROV’s Homegrown Show (which showcases emerging regional talent Sunday nights at 9 p.m.). The cut — a slice of pure power-pop heaven called "On and On" — has all the qualities that make a proper hit: sharp, hook-laden guitar lines, a driving beat and an instantly memorable chorus.””

Jay wilson - The Roanoke Times

““This Roanoke band delivers consistently good originals and covers.””

Tad Dickens - The Roanoke Times