Omega Moo / Press

“If you are looking for easily digestible punk music along the lines of Blink 182 and Sum41, then turn on the radio and stay on that side of the fence. If you are looking for punk-rock and alternative rock along the classic lines of original bands like the Descendents, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat and Hüsker Dü then grab this now!”

“The Omega Moo’s style can be described fairly well with only three little words. Fast. Loud. Energetic. Technically, the band combines hardcore, punk, and rock to produce a sound that is catchy, upbeat and highly addictive. The band’s lyrics are true-to-heart and straight-to-the-point combined with a pure, unfettered passion expressed through distorted amps and hooky choruses.”

“The Omega Moo make just utterly great, hard-edged punk rocker music, with a slight dash of melody that anyone could love.”

“the songs are the kind breakneck shout-a-longs that countless bar bands play in Seattle or anywhere else, these ones have enough going on (well-placed keyboard, a slight tinge of rockabilly) to warrant repeat listens.”

“Punk and surf band Omega Moo of Washington has a sound that has been described as Tom Jones on PCP.”

“The Omega Moo 3-track EP is a pure TNT bomb of rock n’ roll and punk power riffs, aggressive vocals, sheer speed and tight rhythms.”

“Omega Moo play a similar brand of sloppy three-chord pop punk, but this Seattle quartet blends enough surf and rockabilly influences in there to make it sound fresh and not just fun.”