The Noctambulant / Press

"New to my ears was The Noctambulant from Jacksonville, this melodic black metal four piece hit with full emotion and dark layers of sound under the sweltering backstage and rightly deserve the main room for Black Kvlt Fest in October"

“True dark metal fans, will fully appreciate this piece of work, while others not familiar with the band will only be left baffled and plainly confused, and possibly in a state of shock, by the sheer power and epic darkness of the music.”

“For those souls who desperately crave and desire to have their madness agitated by the full on assault of a metal bloodbath in the form of groove based heavy riffs and bone breaking vocals... Look no further than to The Noctambulant”

D.J. Gunnarson - EP Review

““I feel like I'm doomed by the intro of this song. It grabs your attention instantly with its church bells. I love the growled vocals. This song has good melody. That 's lost in a lot of metal songs. The melody but this song is chock full of them. I didn't hear any clean vocals, not that they're needed but I didn't notice any. I love the guitar riffs and the drummer excels at blast beats.””

Unknown - reverbnation reviews

"Evil Calling rings well upon first glance. The metal crowd is a tough nut to crack, the less spoken, the better. And the most foreboding title, intimidating, the better. Evil Calling is easier to remember as well. PLUS, it's a damn good song. So the psychology of the title works, and the song backs it up."

Demonic Doug - WQNA Metal Mania

“The Noctambulant is sick as Fuck.”

"Jacksonville's Sole Premier Black Metal Group. YES, this is The Noctambulant. I've seen them live, a really great act. They're really involved..."

Zach, DJ - Night Crusade Radio Show, UNF Radio

“I'd check them out. Love the old school black metal sound and nice touch with some jamming in there. Black Metal Pungent Stench.”

Dj, Metal Chris - WQNA MetalMania,Illinois