the Muted Pitch / Press

"Awesome into with the guitar, the screamo singing was superb, the lyrics where relatable and kept my attention through the whole the song. was not depressing. the drums where also great. the guitar solo was good. However I did not catch much of the bass I would have liked to hear more of the bass. the song as a whole was awesome! I would defiantly listen to it again, and maybe a third time. I am giving this one an Awesome rating because its overflowing with Awesomness."

Revernation Crowd Review for Here in Solitude

"Great hardcore sound. The vocals are powerful and they sound great. The guitar melody is great. The speed is great. Great rhythm. I would buy this song. I believe this could be a commercial hit. This song sounds professional and well done. The lyrics are great. It make me want to get up and slam dance!"

Reverbnation Crowd Review for Burnt Touch

"Good Guitar notes and Lyrics. This is more like it. it is the kind of stuff I would listen to while driving down the highway nice fast paced and good quality sound I like it very much this one is a 10 for me. "

Reverbnation Crowd Review for Burnt Touch

"I like it! As soon as the beat started me likely! The band sounds awesome! Reminds me of lamb of god! Don't really care what the dude is saying can't really tell but the song and music sounds hard so they both complement each other. Makes you feel like rocking out And throw some devil horns! I would like to here more songs from them! And see what else kind of style they bring to the table."

Reverbnation Crowd review for Silenced Hammer

"Right off the back, this song caught my attention. The artist used a great combination of instrumental sounds and beats to lead to a very intense and upbeat melody. I wasn't expecting a hard rock/screamo song, which I think was a good thing because the element of surprise is always good! Overall, for a screamo song, the output was actually very well put together."

Reverbnation Crowd Review of Silenced Hammer

"The quality of this song was really good. I like the introduction and the sound of rock. This was very entertaining. Great song to listen to while at the gym. This song makes me feel great and full of energy. The artist sounds like a complete rock star. I hope to hear more from this band. There full of potential."

Reverbnation Crowd Review of Silenced Hammer

"...my face has been ripped clean off by an unstoppable barrage of artillery of sonic assaults blended seismically with brilliant production values i.e.: balance of instruments, mixing the drum kit so certain cymbals are panned left/right (which really adds extra dimension to the recording), the touch of samples (falling rain...) placed Perfectly (emphasis: from heavy to soft, then back to Heavy)...This band must have brutal mosh pitts! \m/" -from a tMP fan

Michael Eldon Tucker - Reverbnation Comments

“Under normal circumstances I cover bands that have been out on the road starving to death and trying to get their feelings and emotions across to their fans at any financial or personal cost necessary. Where The Muted Pitch is different is they are a couple of very experienced musicians that have normal societal jobs and they just needed a way to get the creative juices flowing. With The Muted Pitch it really is all about the music. Overall “The First 13” is something you are going to want to own. It should act as motivation for all musicians to know that you can get your art out to the masses without walking the drama path that so many bands choose to travel. As “The Muted Pitch” said themselves, “they wanted to give back to the metal community.” If all talented musicians could take this approach we would have a lot more great music out there like “The Muted Pitch.”