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“They really love The Mapes, and keep handing the band members free drinks in between songs. Everyone sings along to a song that goes, “Baby got an ass, I want to fuck it/If you got a titty, I want to suck it/If you got a turkey, I want to pluck it/If you got a dick, man, you better tuck it.””

“This is easily the dumbest disc I’ve ever heard … which the members of The Mapes will no doubt be ecstatic to read. Songs titled “Your Pussy (Makes Me Vomit)” and “If You Got an Ass (I Wanna Fuck It)” aren’t intended to generate critical approval, know what I mean?”

“What is the craziest thing you have ever had thrown at you during a show? Clay: I got hit in the balls with a pig hoof once.”

“With two of you having day jobs and two having night jobs, when do you find time to practice? Jason: We don’t!”

“The Mapes are a very food-oriented band. Raw meat and hot dogs have been known to fly during their live shows, much to the annoyance of vegetarians.”

“The Mapes playing a surprisingly tuneful and well-wrought set of pop-punk gems that belies their easy gimmickry and aggressive sloppiness. In other words, a band that can’t help but be pretty damn good, which is harder than it looks.”

“The Mapes, a hopelessly juvenile wreckhole of a local rock band that plays songs with titles that, due to my deference to good taste and propriety, I must bowdlerize with asterisks so they are rendered variously as, “Your ***** Makes Me *****,” “******* Kind of Guy,” and “The ***** Song.”

“The Mapes' new album has topless women posing as the band on the cover, clocks in at 20 minutes, and features songs such as "Your Pussy (Makes Me Vomit)" and "If You Got an Ass (I Wanna Fuck It)."”

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“the mapes like food. awesome!”

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