The Malah / Press

"With a combination of natural ambience, melodic textures, and block-rocking beats, Voyage Of Radiowaves starts from the roots of music and ventures far into the future."

“The Malah: Music and Love and Healing! -Emily Price Greenville Online”

“the trio has taken a roots-music approach to organic electronic music, offering adventurous flights amid shifting atmospheres and a robust, umcompromising tone that breathes with ever-emerging candor.”

Jamie Lee - Hittin' the Note

“The trio plays with emotion and has a knack for creating complex ambient music best described as a sort of trance/funk/jazz-rock picaresque. -David Ball J:ambands.ca”

“In the same way practitioners of Sacred Geometry sculpt seemingly abstract forms that resonate, somehow, with the viewer, The Malah has created a collection of songs, most seemingly abstract and overflowing with improvisational risk, that resonate with the listener.”

Dave Terpeny - Kyndmusic.com

“The Malah is tight! I haven't been this excited to find a new band since I first saw STS9 playing at a local pub back in 1999. These guys are flat-out on it: fun, high-energy, diverse, and beat-perfect throughout!”

M. Novak - forums.etree.org

“Sound Spectrum - "...a mind-massaging menagerie of seamless instrumental artistry."”

“Just unreal...I think the future has these guys and a lot of success to follow them. Excellent excellent music, so simple and elegant just draws you right in, the rest falls in to place nicely!”

skibbity bee bop do waaah - Archive.org

"This Greenville, SC quartet is harvesting organically delicious sounds from a fertile musical outpost in the far reaches of electronic space!"