The Maddigans / Press

“Pop/Rock band The Maddigans have announced they will be a part of Canadian Music Week 2011 in Toronto. They'll be performing a set at the Hard Rock on March 11th as part of the Track Avenue Showcase with Brendan DiStefano, Adelaie, Message Through Motion, Everlea, Colorsound, The Brilliance, Calvin James and What She Said. The Maddigans will be on at 9:30 PM so make sure you don't miss them. See below for show information. The Maddigans have self released a full length entitled 'Say It Loud!' and an EP called 'Way To Start This'. Make sure you check them out and buy these two great releases. ”

“Southern Exposure: Canada's The Maddigans look forward to playing their pop-punk in the lower 48 Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, The Maddigans are headed for their first-ever U.S. tour. "We're not sure what to expect; we've never played a show in the U.S.," says 20-year-old Benn Kimmis, the pop-punk act's drummer. "We're really excited to see what it's like down there and see how it's different and all that." After Buffalo, Rochester will be the second U.S. city The Maddigans play, when they come to the California Brew Haus Sunday, March 20. And if the quartet's sound is any indication, the live show is sure to be energetic. Frontwoman Trisha Watson's vocals are powerful and mature for her 20 years. The songs off the band's EP, 2010's Way To Start This, are the perfect blend of pop and punk... ”

“If Edmonton's music scene was like a high school - The Maddigans would be voted most likely to succeed. Don't be fooled by their youthful looks - Beneath those shy smiles and colourful T-shirts beat some of the most savvy, ambitious and persistent hearts in Canada. Not content with their achievements -- two records, three vans and five tours -- they're about to add to their tally with a new EP, Way to Start This, another tour, and hopefully, a slot on this year's Warped Tour in Edmonton. Their EP, Way to Start This, is a slick, snappy rebound from their first album. "We wanted something short and sweet we send to labels," says Benn. "We wrote 27 or 28 songs for this and we picked the best five." The Maddigans really, really want to play Warped's Aug. 5 stop at Northlands Park, too. To get an edge, they started their lobbying efforts last summer -- distributing flyers at Warped in Calgary then in Vancouver, earning the attention (and advice) of organizers and tour managers.”