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“In the dark of night this slick slab of tuneage will steal your soul but I have to talk about the elephant in the room before I get on with the music. Yup of course Adam stood in for Stiv in The Lords Of The New Church and it's obvious why. He has the attitude and above all the vocal delivery that if you were to close your eyes for a tune or two you'd swear that Stiv had actually taken over his soul in some sort of Exorcist way and sung these here tunes. The resemblance at times is uncanny and in one way a compliment to Adam, but then what's a guy to do, it's not like there is anything he can do about it is there? And knowing that Stiv was a massive influence then take the comparisons as a compliment because “this album seriously rocks!” .... An album that keeps on giving and one that should find it's way into any self respecting glunk aficionado’s collection. It's a no brainer people just simply buy it it's worth shelling out for.”

"we are the radio useless / near life experience. we want everything from you. we like to surround ourselves in cool. 'got our crosshairs on your heart." -LUSTKILLERS - Reviews & Interviews Archived-

“Various Interviews Mudkiss Fanzine, SPUN, Anti-Snob http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=81689005186&topic=15324”

"Some love is fire, some love is rust but the fiercest cleanest love is lust." --Ian Flemming

Ian Flemming - That Which Does Not Kill Us

“I had already heard some of this songs and I loved them , but I can tell that the last mixes are even better and sounds great with back vocals and everything. If you needs proof of Adam's talent in songwriting just surf to the band website and check out some lyrics. The 8 tracks sit next to each other greatly and its such a pleasure to listen. There's no rip off, only great songs and no filler. I wish more bands would take it as an example. I'm 200% enthusiastic about this album and it had been a long time since I hadn't been that thrilled by a record. I just can't stop digging it. If you don't like it, then there's no hope for rock'n roll. As for myself I do LOVE it, and truly believe that LUSTKILLERS is a band that should caught your attention. I know the release of this CD will be a blast, no need for a fortuneteller to tell me this.”

“ http://www.lustkillers.com/detention.mp3 http://www.lustkillers.com/3rdgen.mp3 Adam, the guy singin on the two Dead Boys tunes sounds soooo much like Bators it's spoooooky! A voice from beyond...... --Jeff Magnum- The DeadBoys”

“Rootsy, roiling and dark, The Lustkillers must be doing something right with their brew of stirring post-punk that stands out in an age of salon-bred emo and over-coiffed MTV-brand hardcore. Little wonder that the nucleus of the band, one Adam Becvare — a rock 'n’ roll legend in his own right — was tapped in 2003 by Brian James of The Damned and Dave Tregunna of Sham 69 to join their reformed Lords of the New Church. What convinced them: The Black Sugar Sessions, a series of unreleased Lustkillers recordings that took the mythical route that’s all but disappeared in the digital age: circulated hand-to-hand and hyped by word-of-mouth. It’s old-school elements like that continue to shape The Lustkillers vibe. Heck, check out their charmingly bare-bones website — it’s closest thing you’ll get to a web version of a hand-written record sleeve. And no, you can’t download sample MP3s. You’ll have to download the tunes in person when they hit the Double Down — with your e”

“These songs generally have an air of the best Lords tracks they never recorded and please take that as a glowing recommendation because it is. The same can be said as to why The Black Halos sounded so good with him in the ranks. 'Culture Clash' races along on a great riff and melody. The pace slows down for 'Do I Love You' but only momentarily. 'Swamp Love' grooves along on a treble heavy guitar sound that's jerked along by a dub rhythm perfected by the Lords around the time of 'Is Nothing Sacred'. 'Black Sugar Sessions' gets wound up with their call to arms 'Lust Killer' and it leaves me wanting more. .... I love where this band is coming from and the world needs cool bands like The Lustkillers. It's a shame it's only a shade under half an hour long but damn it was a most enjoyable half hour. Now do the right thing and put out a full album. Please Mr Becvare!”

“a sound that should be all to familiar with Black Halos admirers grounded as it is with that pristinely eyed low grade street level rock n’ roll much favoured in days long gone by the likes of Thunders and Bators (parallels to the latter being more closely drawn by the fact that Becvare was approached to front a reformed Lords of the New Church by James and Tregunna). a full throttle assortment of swaggering and pouting flame retardant glam tweaked punk. the lust killers run the gauntlet across an informed landscape made up of rock’s delinquent underclass. All at once acute, audacious and addictive, fans of the Black Halos won’t be found wanting with these gems especially with ‘do I love you’ proving to be something of a show stealer mainly due to the fact that it replaces the obvious garage brat dynamic to opt for something readily more brooding, prowling, mooching and intense in demeanour. Frankly we need to hear the whole session and soon.”