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“The concert was amazing, not only to hear but also to watch Lori's fingers just glide over the harp strings. Truly a wonderful evening of music and laughter.”

"Who would have thought to play a harp in a jazz band," Neil said in amazement as he enjoyed listening to the quartet's multitude of songs.

““You will be impressed and amazed by their performances,” said Slaughter. “This is an opportunity to hear world-class musicians up close and personal.””

“JAZZ at the Mojave Air and Space Port!”

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“You find Lori Andrews - under "J" for "jazz harpist"”

“I had the privilege of capturing Lori during a recent California wedding reception. She is amazing! Please visit her at JazHarpRecords.com”

“One of the funkiest jazz harpists you will ever have the pleasure of hearing and hopefully seeing.”

“Lori's band has been featured at various jazz festivals including Playboy, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Sacramento, Poppy and Idyllwild.”

“Lori Andrews, jazz harpist, plays "Is you is or is you ain't my baby" with Lynn Keller on bass and Suzanne Morissette on drums and they swing!”

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“The harp is rarely thought of as a jazz instrument, but in the 1990s Lori Andrews proved that her instrument is not restricted to producing pretty backgrounds.”

“Lori Andrews is a gifted and energetic performer.”

"Hearing is believing!"

“Lori Andrews is a gifted and energetic performer who takes the harp beyond tradition and into the elements of jazz, fusion and R&B.”

“Lori Andrews' pizzicato style on harp on "My So Fine"”

"If you think you've heard it all, check out Lori Andrews!"

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“showcase CD "After Hours" voted #1 song (After Hours) for the year 2008 in Canada”

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