The Jetbirds / Press

"Every now and then, I hear folks attempting to separate the past from the present. Yes, there is a new generation that latched on to computerized music before ever being introduced to rock 'n' roll. However, when I hear folks say "rock 'n' roll is a thing of the past for old dudes like you" it just goes right over my head. I walked into Debonair Social Club last Saturday and stumbled on these awesome youngsters. This was not 1977, but 2012 and The Jetbirds are the new-school of this timeless monster called rock 'n' roll. The monster never fails to put a smile on my face."

“Sometimes you hear an album that's not necessarily NEW, but it still stands out for being imaginative and musically superb. This is the case for The Jetbirds EP, "Suicide Love Songs" which came out this past February, but kicks so much ass I feel I NEED to review it now! The Jetbirds play straight ahead rock n roll with a dash of punk rock thrown into the mix. Big on riffs and harmonious sing along choruses, "Suicide Love Songs" is a stellar release from this Chicago quartet in the vein of The Dictators or even early Hanoi Rocks. It just stands out and catches your ear and makes you wanna dance...ok, well maybe not DANCE....but you get what I'm saying. It's THAT kinda music! The kind that gets the energy charging in your system and the blood pumping in your veins....I don't just like this band, I flat out LOVE what they're doing!..."”