The Interlopers / Press

“Their sound is fresh, and their energy is contagious! You really can't help but smile and want to dance (or at least shimmy a little) when you hear them perform. In person, it's wildly apparent that this humble and sweet group of college students are sure to take the world by storm and have groupies following their upcoming tours and shows”

"The Interlopers drew a sizable crowd. It’s easy to identify their attraction. They play joyful, spirited music with passion. Their energy is intoxicating."

"My CBGBs iPhone app (yup) informed me that The Interlopers were playing in Manhattan the next night. The core of the band is three Berkshire kids who are all 2nd year students now at Berklee. They started the band in high school and quickly commanded the respect of what’s left of the Berkshire music scene. I hadn’t seen them in forever. They’ve grown into a killer R&B band, snakey grooves, 3-part harmonies, horns quoting Leonard Bernstein. To a person they are virtuousos. They’re all around 20. They took the Bolt Bus from Boston that afternoon and were taking it back that night. They played in the dark in this basement club. They filled the room and they held it. People were screaming by the end of their set. These days, that’s really punk, my friends."