The Insurgency / Press

"Their music reflects an intense interest in challenging contemporary political realities."

"catchy, rhythmic rock-and-roll"

"The only band with an FBI dossier thicker than John Lennon's!"

Writer L. Bush - Spirit Spit

"What Happened to the Stars?" - #1 requested song of the week!

“The Insurgency gave us a lesson on how to conduct a musical revolution.”

Joe Kidd - Singer/Songwriter/Activist

"Band of the Week!"

“The story of The Insurgency is truly remarkable and so is their music. I cannot wait for the full album.”

Diamond Jim - recording engineer, New York

"Hypocritical Rush" - #1 requested song of the week!

Radio OPIE - Detroit

“New favorite band ! ! ! ! ! They ROCK ! !”

Michael Leonardi - Anti-Nuke Activist

"The Shock Doctrine" - #1 requested song of the week!

Radio OPIE - Detroit

“I admire your committment to peace and the end of suffering. Your music and band are a powerful force in the struggle as well as a joy to hear. You are awesome!”

Joe Kidd - Singer/Songwriter/Activist

“The White Stripes + The Clash + Neil Young = The Insurgency”

"'I Learned Hate from the Church and State' gave me goose bumps. It speaks such truth"

Tiff - Fan

“I've had this song (The Shock Doctrine) stuck in my head for the last 2 days, and I catch myself air-guitaring along.”

“'So Beautiful' is a perfect song.”

Joe O'Conner - Singer/Songwriter

"I have never been a fan of political music, but after hearing only like 15 seconds of Hypocritcial Rush, it was pretty damn genius."

Chris - Fan

“It is about time someone started singing songs concerning the issues we are all thinking about.”

Scott - music lover