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“The album (Take It Back Home Recordings) is one part rave-up, one part heartfelt intensity. It’s not heart-on-your-sleeve material necessarily but more like a raucous testament about life’s hard knocks (see Poor Boy)”

“Johnny Thunders has lent a particular trait to rock ‘n’ roll and punk alike. He gave it a permanent swagger and attitude that slips in modern music to this day. Wilmington’s The Hufton Brothers – twins Jesse and Justin Hufton and Shane Soles – have some of that swagger in their music. Their album, “Take it Back Home Recordings,” is a kitchen sink of ragged early ’70s rock and (Faces, Thunders, Rolling Stones) and modern country like The Avett Brothers.”

“Delivering deconstructed indie rock on traditional instruments (think an old-time trio covering Modest Mouse).”

“Tattoos cover their bodies and the smell of cigarettes and the look of a sleepless night are apparent as they enter the room for our interiview. Dangerous, indeed!”

“Despite their tough persona, The Hufton Brothers are "good ol' Southern boys," complete with "yes sir's" and "no sir's," but with a new understanding that everything they were running from in the past wasn't really that bad after all. They have embraced their musical and cultural roots. Their music is a combination of country punk with a romantic pop twist that sounds dangerous at times and perhaps runs the risk of distancing audiences who are new to their music. But that is what rock and roll is all about and The Hufton Brothers wouldn't want it any other way.”

“Soaking the walls with their acoustic country rave - ups and drunken folk punk. Replace the acoustic with electric guitars and you've got punk rock with friendly vocals. The Brothers' music is electric and played with abandon. It's a blender - mixed - then - dumped - on - the - floor version of Dylan, Avett Brothers and early '70s Faces.”

Brian Tucker - Wilmington Star News

“Great music!! The Hufton Brothers support local artists.”

Whiteville News Reporter