The Horny Bitches / Press

“A couple of lyrical tricks, many tuneful licks. That is how I see this marvellous CD only hindered somewhat by the over-sexualised verbal content. Overall this is a crude, lewd offering that bares all and in true punk fashion shakes and shocks. The album is a classical cut and taken on its own merits showcases what a great band can do given the right time and the right place when like all good bedroom incidents, everything comes together. I'd like to see The Horny Bitches progress from this though and throw away the pony and get a few more animals to perform tricks (if necessary with dicks) upon. The verdict is of success and if your rocks need getting off this is a bloody good place to start. One of the finest albums of the year it is destined to be and hopefully more of the same will seep our way from these randy upstarts!”

“D’emblée, brisons la glace comme il se doit : Les Horny Bitches projettent une image de garces débridées on ne peut plus fidèle à leur nom.”


“Avez-vous déjà invité vos mères à un de vos concerts ? Si oui, quels ont été leurs commentaires ? Nos mères non... mais la tienne à vient à tous nos shows. Est cochonne en plus !”

“Necromaniac – The Horny Bitches/Montreal, Canada - It takes a while, but once we get there it's 100mph. There's something about an all female band, I'm hoping, called the Horny Bitches that just screams "Fucking cool!!" and guess what, they're fuckin quality. The 3 separate vocals work well. With the main vocalist sounding pretty rough in the throat and it adds a great edge to an already musically awesome band. Again, would love to hear more from this lot!”

“The Horny Bitches are a Canadian Punk Rock band who really caught my interest when I came across their My Space page. When I started emailing Virgin Slut I really felt the need to feature this band in Street Voice and here they are!”