The Henningsens / Press

“It’s people like this that are the real talent of music!! It’s effortless. Brian, Aaron, and Clara Henningsen are slowly but surely taking over music city. Most recently noted for their work with The Band Perry, of whom had the pleasure of cutting two of their original songs including their current single, “You Lie.” The Henningsens also cowrote nearly every other song on TBP’s debut album. Of which we attribute to it’s cohesiveness. And total awesomness. We love these guys because they are fresh and exciting and charismatic. They are bringing something new to the table as both artists and songwriters. We love the wordplay and skilled lyrical notions they bring about as almost as much as we love their vocal and instrumental stylings. Clara’s voice is bangin, Btwz. They were recently signed to a publishing deal with EMI, so we cannot waittt to see what’s in store for these guys.”

“In continuation of our, “If we were in Nashville” to do list, we’ve posted another event(s) that we would most deff be attending if we were in town. Therefore, we hope some of you make it out. The amazing and talented Henningsen family will be playing Puckets in downtown Nashy all month. We’re hoping this extends through May so that we are able to come out and see them. They’re at the very the top of our list of people we are dieing to meet!! So anyway, check these guys out. They just got a few cuts on The Band Perry‘s new album, and co wrote a ton as well. We love their sound and we love them. Do it uppp!!”

“1. So real quick, check this awesome vid of The Henningsen’s performing their new song ”Thirst” for their publishing group, Skyville. Love it. 2. If you get a chance, pick up Sara Evans‘ new album “Stronger” hitting stores today. It features The Henn’s original song “Alone.” of which Sarah claims will “single handedly turn her career around”. You can hear their own personal version of that song on their facebook band profile (here).”

“PAUL WORLEY WORKING WITH THE HENNINGSENS The buzz on the Row is getting louder for the Illinois farm family-turned songwriters, The Henningsens.Country music fans can expect some new music from this band that wrote the hit,“You Lie,” by The Band Perry within the year.Will famed Nashville producer, Paul Worley,be involved big time?”