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“If you haven’t seen Raleigh’s The Hell No (Brenna Leath – Vocals, David McDonald – Drums, Ash Lopez – Bass, Adam Johnson – Guitar) you need to do yourself a favor and catch them next time you get a chance. You can thank me later.”

“Hard-driving rock fronted by a fiery-haired gal, belting out vocals that can shred as mightily as a guitar solo.”

“A bit like a female-led Motörhead in their best moments, Raleigh’s The Hell No burn through thick rock ’n’ roll crude. The rhythms drive as riffs slice through the fray. But singer Brenna Leath is the X factor, with a voice that marries Janis Joplin’s semi-operatic range with Danzig’s lecherous charisma. She’s a boundary-obliterating force that elevates The Hell No.”

“The Hell No launched into their set with “Smokin' Gun” and “Please Don’t Go.” The crowd... was immediately rocking along with the band. Singer Brenna Leath’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with as evident in the slow and sultry “Cherry [Blossom].” The rest of The Hell No's set was filled with songs about good and bad relationships and everything that goes along with them. “The Right Thing,” as introduced by Brenna, is about telling the truth even when it’s hard to do. Ash Lopez on bass, Adam Johnson on guitar, and Dave McDonald on drums were a well oiled machine. The rhythm section provided a solid platform for Adam’s impressive guitar work to build on.”

“Joining Frehley as a special guest is Raleigh-based rock band The Hell No. Fronted by red-haired dynamo Brenna Leath, The Hell No has a devoted fan base in and around the Triangle Region and the East Coast [for its] its trademark punk, rock, and metal music.”

“Headbangingtastic was this week’s Local Band/Local Beer at Tir na Nog. The Hell No... really kicked off the night. A strong female vocalist powered over the super tight instruments. [Adam Johnson], the lead guitarist, completely melted my face with his solos.”

“A bad-ass female fronted rock-group combining punk, blues and rock n' roll.”

"Raleigh's The Hell No might be the cure for your frenzied mind. This is a hard rock band that doesn't try to be anything more: Some passages march through Sabbath-esque gloom, while others churn and strut like Billy Idol. The Berklee-educated Adam Johnson shreds with a tuneful touch, keeping the band's tried-and-true patterns from feeling too clunky, and singer Brenna Leath scorches songs with her deep, gritty voice. They always sound like their only real motivation is to have a good time."

“The Hell No... is known for its bluesy style of rock ’n’ roll with heavy metal influences and often dark, brooding melodies. The band’s hard-to-characterize sound draws comparisons to musicians as diverse as The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Janis Joplin, and Iron Maiden.”

“One thing is certain: if you like good, well-written, fun hard rock, you have to see The Hell No.”

“This Raleigh band's mix of punk and blues rock makes for manic, fast fun. But just as potent is the band’s penchant for slower, smokier tunes led by howling and vintage sounding vocals of lead singer Brenna (check out “Do the Right Thing”). Guttural and soulful, the singing is anything but a cagey match for the band’s blistering guitar playing. For fans of The Malamondos, The Dirty Little Heaters and Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde).”

“The Hell No! is a terrific female-fronted rock act that veers from smoldering, bloozy boogie to chunky hard rock to soulful folk-rock balladry. Last year's six-song EP Your Venom was one of 2012's best debuts.”

"Oh Hell Yes!" If you love hard-driving punk ’n roll with a bluesy twist, The Hell No is a must-see... Their style combines soulful blues with a punk spin that keeps you wanting more every time you hear them play.

“Hell yes for The Hell No! Before the world discovered Beth Ditto as a fashion icon, her band The Gossip was known as an amazing, dirty, blues-punk trio whose frontwoman had a sexy persona and a sexy wail. The Hell No still has a fire that I think The Gossip lost when fashion designers suddenly jumped into the mix.”

“Like a teenage caveman lurching out of some South Georgia swamp, armed only with a Fender Jaguar and a crate of old Surf Records.”

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