The Heels / Press

“The Heels,"Undisputed" (Self-released) "The Heels dole out nuggets of rapid-fire hardcore punk bliss as documented on the Philadelphia quintet’s 16-track endeavor UNDISPUTED. Fleet footed punk rock with a smattering of slugging hardcore is this unit’s specialty, served up with a slew of contagious melodies and an attitude obtained solely from feeling the elations and frustrations of the hardcore punk scene firsthand. Boasting a broad scope and an intense attack that never loses its sharpness, The Heels strike a middle ground between Ignite, H20 and Warzone for the bold and brash to thoroughly enjoy." ALMOST PERFECT RATING!!!!”

“Every song on this album is blistering and fantastic. I would vote this my personal Album of the Year. The songs on this album are well done and express the emotion of the band as naked and raw. The Heels promote you living your life within your own rules and own experiences. To take the road traveled of your choosing. This album Undisputed is one for the masses. It is pure punk in its simplest and truest form. Pure punk for punk purists. 16 songs written fast and furious. Most songs on this album are 2 minutes or under. The way punk used to be. Fast and in your face and unapologetic. I would give The Heels premier release Undisputed a solid 10 out of 10. A score I rarely give out. But this band delivers on the promised goods with a brand of punk rock we should all love. You can find The Heels on Facebook and I encourage everyone to look them up. I am truly impressed by this offering as I am sure you all will be too.”

San Clemente Punk

“Every once in awhile, we like to give a little attention to a newer, up and coming type band and this time around the spotlight goes to Philadelphia's, The Heels. Although The Heels aren't really a new band and have actually been kicking around since 2006, they just finally got around to releasing their 16 song debut, entitled, "Undisputed". The Heels also aren't new to the scene in terms of the members that make up the band, frontman, Mike McManus and guitarist, Dan McGinnis got their starts in Philadelphia's own, the Pagan Babies. Sonically, I don't think The Heels are too far off from what Mike and Dan were doing with the Pagan Babies. Pretty straight forward, usually fast, energetic hardcore with a dose of punk thrown in. Mike just sent me the CD last week and it's been in constant rotation since I got it. ”