The Happy Problem / Press

"...like a happy-go-lucky Hole."

"I am astonished by the fact these guys are still indie because they are ridiculously good. If you get the chance to see them, don’t hesitate as it will be beyond worth it!"

“I am quite sure you’re going to dig this killer NYC indie punk band just as I have.”

"This album excites like few albums do on the first listen."

"New York based trio, The Happy Problem, perpetuate the intensity and drive of punk, adding their own gritty and graceful elements..."

"...We enjoy the fact that...they are just making good rock and roll and having fun while they’re at it... Oh and they do a slamming cover of “Material Girl”..."

“Chocked full of manic energy... the happy problem portray a quality reminiscent of early MTV – organic and unpolished.”

“My happy problem is wanting to hear more.”

“Lead singer Sam Shaber’s voice drips through the speakers with a heavy, lustful groan normally reserved for women who whisper sexy secrets in your ear right before they shank you in the liver and steal your car.”

"Matador has taken the world by storm."

“Of course, Sam Shaber’s energy is infectious, and the girl rocks the ax. These guys are the real deal, smart with enough snark to maintain indie status but with bottomless pop potential.”

“Get over your hump day with some indiepunk realness in Williamsburg this week! We’ve never been to Trash Bar before but this lineup is a good a reason as any to check out the place! New H.O.D. faves ‘the happy problem’ go on at 9pm.”

“With "chili" red locks and captivating azure eyes, front woman Samantha "Sam" Shaber belts out a melodious mantra of punk harmonies and a sprinkle of angst.”

“All things considered – I’m sold.”