The Gentlemen Ether / Press

“Walker says that while Gentlemen Ether's sound is a pastiche of electronic elements created by Kinetic, the group is "still firmly in the hip-hop realm." The emcee says that Huff is meant to "give fans an introduction to the group and get our foot into the door." They're planning to follow up with a full album by year's end, with a second EP dropping sometime in 2013. In the meantime, Gentlemen Ether will stage a release show for Huff on Friday night at the Yucca Tap. The lineup of supporting acts includes friends and former collaborators, including Brad B. and The Insects, Tricky T, Kris the Fist, and embryonic L.A./Phoenix indie threesome Therapist ”

“Z-Trip and Fashen will headline the event, which will raise money to help cover the numerous medical expenses that Walker has incurred during his recent fight with cancer. Also on the lineup are Z-Trip's Bombshelter cohort Radar, as well as Tricky T and Mantis Claw, all of whom worked local clubs with Mr. Puma MC back in the day. Walker's latest project, Gentlemen Ether, also will perform. "Its been really overwhelming getting all this support from friends and other people in the scene that I used to perform alongside back in the day," he says.”

“Puma’s been working on a new two-man project called The Gentlemen Ether, which, from the small bit I’ve heard, pushes far beyond the constraints of traditional hip-hop (but that doesn’t surprise me because he’s always shown an eclectic ear for music). Check out the Gentlemen Ether’s “Whoompsh””

“Hopefully, you already know where to download all sorts of free Z-Trip goodies – download ‘em all, but especially Uneasy Listening under “mixes” – and you can get your hands on a Gentlemen Ether track, “Whoompsh,” at Bandcamp”