The Gabriel Construct / Press

“...fans of prog rock will find plenty to latch onto.”

“These guys are great musicians and this is a powerful and unique piece of music. That much is certain.”

“It is extremely rare that I encounter an album that totally engrosses me in the sense that I can just sit and listen to it with nothing else. In fact, [Interior City] compels me to do this… I foresee this being the album of the year for me.”

“The Gabriel Construct managed to deliver an entertaining and highly original album, a feat which is quite tricky to do nowadays.”

“This talented artist takes an approach to creating music that is unlike anything I’ve ever heard.”

“This is challenging stuff, meant for those who want their music to intrigue and even confound if necessary.”

“The dystopic expedition of Riccio’s Interior City is worth strapping into a space suit for. Beam me up, Scotty!”

“The album is a warped avant-garde musical journey from the moment you start the first track.”

“This is an impressive passion project and Riccio’s ambitions and talents are blatantly evident throughout each of these 10 lengthy tracks.”

“Taking a page from bands like Tool and System of a Down, Gabriel’s layered vocals shift effortlessly through many different styles, always landing on an almost spiritual level throughout, albeit a little different for each song.”

“And then along comes an album so deep, so personal, riffs that mirror your deepest darkest worries, words that eloquently phrase your underlying angst, notes that hit the perfect highs and the perfect lows at the perfect moments.”

“Eerie, distorted piano progressions, dissonance, layered harmonic vocals, and a swarm of complex rhythms create a wall of sound that encompasses us like a single-person space craft about to blast us back home.”

“Interior City is an excellent piece of avant-garde progressive ear candy.”

“In essence, Interior City is a genre splitter completely reorienting conventional production.”

“The compositions are breath-taking… Gabriel has a wonderful ability to create atmospheric, stage-like music which, when given the time, can really tap into human emotions.”

“Interior City is a intriguing, unsettling album that establishes The Gabriel Construct, and Riccio himself, as an exciting musical force to be reckoned with.”

“…a progressive rock project that makes more famous collectives such as Trans-Siberian Orchestra sound like kids playing toy instruments.”

“Every piece on the album is a tumultuous ride from one style to another and back… Gabriel Lucas Riccio is a very talented musician who writes fascinating pieces of music.”

“Gabriel Riccio may have only graduated from college two years ago, but his compositional prowess—which is in full-force on his debut LP, Interior City, is of the strength that one would expect from a musician of a much better age pedigree.”

“A call to action, a cry for help, a harbinger of doom… all three roads lead to this Interior City.”

“The album musically narrates Gabriel’s dual existence, the dark side and the light side. To escape the outside world, he retreats to an internal phantom metropolis.”