Fresh Breath / Press

"Fresh Breath tenders a heavy, bluesy groove on 'The Speed Of Sound' scored to an infectious beat that will turn heads anywhere."

"This rock band with an inspirational name, delivers an encouraging message of hope and fortitude set to an upbeat and memorable melody. The video gives viewers a glimpse of the band's personality too"

"What do you get when you mix funk, folk, rock, and country? Fresh Breath exists to answer that question – apparently, its Funktry. The impeccably named new genre is sported by this 5-piece band from Colchester, and it feels like a soulful combination of rhythmic country and contemporary top 40 sounds. The country influences shine in Katie Griffin’s rousing vocals, which are emphasized by the band’s bold folk and funk undertones" - By Armando D’Alessandro

"The Speed of Sound," 2010 Some artists fire all of their guns at once with their first release, to thereafter dwindle in a denouement never quite as inspired as their earliest creations. Other artists show a spark of genius early on which foreshadows a musical career later igniting with age and experience. That "spark" for Fresh Breath is the tune "Yellow & Blue." Katie Griffin's doubled and bluesy harmonies nicely complement Josh Pascoe's raga-like guitarwork on this track, the lyrics perhaps prescient: "It's my life, and it's my time, to make it all come true." © Alan Fark