The Freakouts / Press

"quintet from Houston, TX sure has a visual style that grabs you right from the start with two women who won’t take your shit and will kick you in the nuts if you try to give them any of your it. "..."This two song single has punk, power pop, and early new wave styled songs that are hook-laden and get you dancing and singing along with them after the first listen. The sharp edges mixed with the poppier playing combine to make this one fun-filled ride that you want to keep going longer than two songs. They have a mix of THE RUNAWAYS, AND THE DONNAS, plus their own touches that create a sound that gets a smile on your face and a bounce in your step as soon as you first listen to them."

"Local band the Freakouts play a vigorous brand of glam-rock."

"mashing punk, glam, garage, psychobilly, & art rock together into one jam-sammich, this sneering quintet is gracefully capable of serving up a heaping helping of pipping hotness on stage."

"They are bring back the old-school! They have a awesome live set and actually have shared the stage with many amazing bands and have a great local following from many of the local bands."