The Fifth Down / Press

“The two bands I noticed that didn’t fall into the trap of a pop-punk sound and the disguise of an easy, catchy chorus were The Fifth Down from Red Bank and Cinnaminson’s If All Else Fails, with whom I had the pleasure to talk about their history, music and beating the small-town musician’s nightmare. The Fifth Down was the third act of the day. They were young and energetic and donned all-black pants-and-dress-shirt attire. I thought the first song was falling into the depths of pop-punk blah, but as they progressed through their set list, it was clear they had a wide array of influences. Hearing small, high school bands, my first thought is to pinpoint the artists they so clearly worship, yet I just couldn’t place these influences with The Fifth Down. The songs took on a rockabilly sound, and the keyboardist did an excellent job of making the band memorable. The band’s lead vocalist, Kyle Murphy, explained, “the keyboardist has ’50s influences, and me and the guitarist”