The Empty Pockets / Press

"Huge young, talent... Terrific!"

"There's no stopping this kid!...

"Some bands are meant for Friday night. Every night is Friday night for The Empty Pockets from Chicago, Illinois. Their high energy fun music just doesn’t seem to fit on a weekday... As far as the band’s strengths go, it is clearly their original songs... The talent of the band is undeniable, the solid drumming and bass works as the mortar for the guitar and vocals of the band, holding the whole thing together. Brett’s vocals are instantly noticeable and the songwriting and guitar playing of Solomon are both solid. The band has potential to do a lot, it will be interesting to see how far they go."

"Because when The Empty Pockets play, they don’t just go through the motions of belting out tunes and revving their guitars to impress you – their performances are offset with a vibrancy and a sort of energetic showmanship so that space and distance don’t matter in the end – rather it’s more of which of their carefully crafted songs will strike a chord within you first."

"They are the songs you blast with the windows down while cruising down Lake Shore on the first 70 degree spring day on your way to the Cubs game... Their catchy hooks may be mistaken for pop candy, but listen more closely and you’ll find there are equal parts of sweetness, wit and truth. Throw in the fresh face factor, Midwestern work ethic, and genuine love for what they do, and you get a pop-rock group that is neither over-produced nor underwhelming. What they are is genuine... Their music is accessible, fun-but still poignant and lyrical. They are the younger answer to Jason Mraz’s wordplay. They are the Barenaked Ladies without the substance abuse problem. They are best friends and lovers. They are a humble pop-rock group that makes fun of them selves before anyone else can. They are... the Empty Pockets."

Stefi Weaver - Chicago Tonight, PBS Music Segment Producer

"The Empty Pockets have a bright future. They play intelligent, well-crafted pop/rock with substance that still manages to not get bogged down in its own importance. Buddy Holly would be proud."