The Duval Project / Press

“The Duval Project appears more confident, more sure of their direction with an increasingly cohesive ensemble sound, a more complete sense of arrangement, all of which frees them to play and sing at an amazingly high level.”

“The latest line-up for this jazz-fuelled R’n’B outfit feature’s vocalist Marie Lister who brings an Alice Russell-like earthiness to the songs, her finely-judged stylisations avoiding the risk of over-elaboration in favour of emotional directness. It’s a great performance, itself greatly enhanced by the quality of the music with its remorseless post-funk rhythms and electronic textures giving a stripped down studio sound against which Gary’s flugelhorn provides a compelling second voice to counterbalance the singer’s.”

Venue, online

“The project's original music combines chest-grabbingly tight rhythm grooves with deeply soulful songs...”

Bristol Evening Post

“arguably the best trumpeter in Bristol”


“It went from gnarly dissonance to organ-like grooves and everything in between; along with the drums, it made this music like no other”


“The Duval Project fires on all five cylinders to produce their thumping brand of contemporary jazz funk”

Tony Benjamin - Venue