The Dug / Press

“Local rock quartet The Dug will host this year's Polar Bear Plunge Jam at The Pond in Rehoboth Beach.”

Coast Press

“The music festival and mental health awareness event was free and open to the general public and attracted approximately 600 people.”

“Rehoboth Beach rock group The Dug performed at The Happiness Project for Music and Mental Health at Delaware Technical Community College’s Owens Campus in Georgetown.”

“We're slowly breaking in. People are coming by and hearing our music and they like it.”

"We run into people saying yo can play but they offer us half pay. They don't realize our rent doesn't get cut in half in the winter time"

"Ever since the acoustic duo of Annapolis, MD native Zac Sala and local song writer Jodi Lynn created The Dug, the Cape music scene has been a little different, a little more original.

"The Dug is making noise on the beach scene with a fresh approach."