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“The Dowling Poole play a live, full band session this Wednesday 13th on Marc Riley's show on BBC Radio 6 Music at 19.00”

“This awesome pairing results in glorious and slightly unhinged psychedelic pop rock, with a flavour of late era Beatles and XTC. 4.5/5”

“A classic British rock album heavy on power pop smarts 4/5”

Album Review - Mojo Magazine

“I was so amazed at his songwriting that I knew instantly that I would have to up my game a little.”

“Two very talented multi-instrumentalists with differing onstage personas collaborating on an album that is complex and open, up-front and ambiguous”

“Flawless and exhilarating, this demands to be the soundtrack to all of our waking summer dreams. 8/10”

“As a thank you to Pledgers, The Dowling Poole put on a free acoustic set at the ‘intimate’ 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street, London. Think ‘your lounge’ but smaller. And sweatier. But nice all the same.”

“The Dowling Poole - Saving It All For A Saturday It's "Kinda Squeeze-ish weirdo pop - in a good way", says Classic Rock's assistant features editor. To be frank, Squeeze-ish weirdo pop sounds pretty good whatever way you spin it. Especially when you throw in a smidgen of The Cardiacs.”

“Bleak Strategies is a psychedelic power pop experience which blasts you with aural sunshine goodness. Superbly produced and with fantastically written and performed songs, this should be the soundtrack to your summer. 4.5/5”

“Your album of the year has arrived! 4.5/5”

“This is an essential “do-not-miss” album, that makes my top ten list for 2014, 9/10”

“If you're looking for some of the best Pop, Rock, gently Progressive shimmers of melody strewn lovely lewdness, Bleak Strategies is all of them rolled into some of the best songwriting you could hope for. Go get it. Now”

“This album is just fantastic, much in the same way as A Night At The Opera and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club are. Genius really does border on madness! 10/10”

“It's psychedelic pop music a la Pete & Dud's Bedazzled soundtrack”

“THE DOWLING POOLE is a new band formed by singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Willie Dowling (ex Honeycrack/Jackdaw4) and Jon Poole (ex Cardiacs).”