The DoubleNecks Guitar Duo℠ / Press

“The guitar duo The DoubleNecks brought their skill to the Westford CAT studios in February 2009 Local Music Rocks is a 1/2 hour, monthly program for Cable Access Television, originating in Westford, MA and surrounding towns. Unsigned bands come on and play their own original songs and talk about their music, and their musical influences and experiences”

“On the stage side sit two guitarists, spread out about 10 feet apart, performing “Ashland,” a mellow Jeff Beck-like instrumental. There’s no singing here. On left is Jimmy Gaudette, playing his ’56 natural sunburst Gibson ES125 hollow body with F holes, and on the right is Mike Loce on a ’71 Les Paul Recording—a guitar that has as many switches and knobs as a cockpit. These guys are both above-excellent guitarists. They swing into “Red River Valley”—though they call it “Merrimack River Rock.” The show is a study in pure guitar sounds. They close the show with covers of Gordon Lightfoot’s “Sundown” and the Ventures’ “Walk Don’t Run.” I think I have to go home now and work on my guitar skills.”